Top 3 Supplements | Canine Care

TOP 3 SUPPLEMENTS all dogs should get daily

  1. Mercury free human grade OMEGA 3 OIL (Nordic Naturals is a great brand) (NOT Cod Liver Oil)
  3. CoQ10 (buy capsules at your health store 30mg- 50mg a day)

  1. If you want to do more.. WHOLISTIC CANINE COMPLETE Regular or Join Mobility Version and great supplements from Sirius in Vermont.
Avoid PET TABS and other multi's. Many contain lead -such as PET TABS. You generally don't need them if you feed a human grade high quality food. However if you need or want to give a supplement, we suggest you check out VRP as they are pharmaceutical grade and contain great things like CoQ10. They have many special formulas as well as great articles on pet health. It's the only one I will use for our dogs.