Top Treats | Canine Care


We personally recommend you stay away from chew hooves (deadly to many) rawhides, and process chews. Even Nylabones can chip and not show on an x-ray- so why take the chance? Also many of these chews including Greenies are not human grade - so after the recall- why risk it? Many people email to ask "What is the best treat for my dog"? Well simply we think any of the 'stuff-able' hard rubber toys, such as the Kongs (we like the DENTAL KONG best) and several other rubber toys like this. Also fresh naturally shed Deer Antlers (see our products we love page) are great to clean teeth and have a low risk of splintering. Check out something called the BUSTER CUBE to slowly disperse kibble as a treat. It just may be the best food dispensing toy as it make your dog also have to use their brain. Both physical and mental stimulation! Natural rubber treat dispenser type toys are extremely durable and versatile. They even have 'dental' style ones with ridges and hollows that help clean the teeth below the gum line, massage the gums, and provide jaw exercise. These make for both an extremely safe toy and treat all in one. It provides mental stimulation and physical exercise to reduce boredom and behavior problems. Best of all it's along with the safety factor it's can be the most healthy and long lasting treat you can give. They are Non-toxic. Can't chip or splinter and can be washed in dishwasher. Available in all sizes shapes!  Fill the toy with foods such as    

  • frozen pieces of chicken

  • chunks of organic apple or bananas mixed with organic sugar/salt free peanut butter (our dogs love this frozen)

  • Dehydrated veggies that you can make if you have your own dehydrator, or you can now buy dehydrated sweet potatoes or dried apple (get sulfate free) just make sure you check our dangerous foods page first so you know what foods you should avoid!

  • cubes of low fat/low salt cheese
Other great treats are freeze dried chicken hearts & dried tripe patties that you can cut into strips. These also are great to stuff in Kong Dental Sticks.

Please always supervise your pet whenever they are chewing on anything they could possibly destroy or swallow! As NOTHING is totally indestructible. Even the most durable items can be destroyed by powerhouse chewers.

Remember to avoid even 'sugarless sugars' as they can kill your dog (see our dangerous foods page)

Use your imagination!  You know what your dog likes! Just make your own and don't buy the 'ready made' fillers as they not healthy and probably cost you even less money than the pet store stuff!

Also if your dog is sick and on a restricted diet of meat and rice for any reason you might want to try ORGANIC RICE CAKES (no salt no sugar) as a treat so your dog doesn't feel deprived at treat time. However we don't recommend giving this all the time as they can have a high glycemic index and should be reserved for these restricted diet times.