There are many stories and views as to whether it's safe to give a dog ice or ice a dog down.

Our view is to use caution and plain old common sense.

We know that cold water during or immediately after heavy exertion causes severe cramping in HUMANS so we can pretty much know that it happens in other creature, like your dog.

A dog's stomach is not well anchored and we know CAN flip over during severe cramping are more susceptible to the more serious side of a tummy ache.

As to the risk of bloat, When a 20-30 lbs animal is running a body temp of over 100 degrees due to exercise, play, what-have-you, it is NEVER a good idea to suddenly flood its stomach with liquid (or solid) which is 40, 50 or even 60 degrees cooler. THIS WILL CAUSE muscle spasms and bloating.

So will giving your animals an ice cube now and then hurt them, no. But again use common sense on how much and when.

As to cooling down your dog in hot weather,

If you need to cool them off my all means use COOL (not ICE) WATER. Pour it over the back of their necks and the front of their chest but NOT their BELLY!

A dramatic change in temperature can be dangerous. So you don't want to ICE down your dog - COOL water yes, Ice cold.. no. You can put your dog in a bathtub, sink or kiddie pool filled with cool water.

Also a lot of heat exits the dog's body through his feet, so having the dog stand in cool water will also help. Another way is to put cool wet towels around your dog's body while he is standing in something cool. It is important to cool off the chest and feet. Be sure to refresh the towels in cool water every few minutes, as the towels will quickly reach the same temperature as your dog's body. Spraying your dog with the hose, dumping buckets of water on your dog, or placing your dog directly in front of an air conditioner are a few more ways you can cool down your dog's body temperature. Offer your dog a drink and be sure to contact your vet right away.