Links we love! | Canine Care

LINKS WE LOVE! (info about dangerous foods/products on the market for pets)
Dog Food (ultimate dog food website!)
The BlackSalve Pet Health Discussion Board (a top site- great help and holistic support - a must to join!)
Senior Dogs Project (#1 site on the web for older dogs)
Pet connection Website (all around great site)
Whole Dog Journal (subscription service but worth it!)
Senior Dogs Project links to All Canine Diseases Page
CanisMajor Dog Owner's Guide (one of the most comprehensive pet sites on the web)
Nutrition Science News (excellent info on DIET and Supplements for Pets with Cancer and other Ailments!)
HousepetmagazineONLINE (great tips and info -free online subscription)
Judy's Health Cafe great healthy products and organic non toxic flea/tick prevention products
The Dog Patch (another site with great Canine links)
Helping Paws (lots of links and info for Pet)
German Shepherd Dog Help line Resources page & Homepage
Give Us a Home UK (a fun and interesting with a variety of info and links)
Animals with Disabilities (for animals with special needs)
Touch Therapy info (tips on easing stress and pain with massage)
A Great Book about Animals in the AFTERLIFE

and a few more.......

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