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Dental If you can't brush your dogs teeth (and if you do always use DOG toothpaste not people toothpaste!) We have some other options that will be better than doing nothing!

We've heard great things about: PRODEN's PLAQUE OFF - a little in food goes a long way. It comes with a tiny measuring spoon for proper dosing. Proden also does chews much like greenies only safer and better quality. PLAQUE OFF is NOT recommended for dogs with HYPERTHYROIDISM as the main ingredient is seaweed. Proden also makes dental chews that can be purchased on Amazon.

Dental wipes: If you can't brush try dental wipes daily
Remedy + Recovery Plaque Re-Lease Easy Pinch Tablets for Dogs. PETZLIFE oral gel.

Pet King Brands Zymox Water Additive Oral Solution
Zesty Paws Probiotic Dental Sticks for Dogs are another great dental chew. Highly recommend.

WYSONG DENTA TREAT Powder. This product is used sprinkled on top of food to help clean teeth but also if you mix a little bit of water with the powder and brush it on your dogs teeth is makes for the most natural, chemical free and best 'doggie toothpastes' around. You can also use PROZYME this way. Some good chews are NYLABONE NUTRI-DENT EDIBLE DENTAL BRUSH CHEWS which is made with all human grade ingredients and fully digestible. And CHECKUPS chews. The KONG DENTAL STICK is great for massaging gums and also makes for a healthy very long lasting treat. Try stuffing it with slices of frozen chicken. Always remember to keep an eye on your pet with all 'chews'. And also know nothing beats brushing your dogs teeth as often as you can.

Do a web search to see if you can get anesthesia free dental cleanings in your area.