Top 10 tips | Canine Care

Top 10 + 1 tips for Disease/Safety Prevention

  1. Diet feed pet foods with HUMAN GRADE ingredients + fresh fruits, veggies, meats. Avoid treats with "corn syrup" as an  ingredient!
  2. Don’t give treats or food with chemicals BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin & propylene glycol, corn syrups, sugar; or menadione aka dimethylprimidinol sulfate (see note #)
  3. Just because it says NATURAL or ORGANIC doesn't mean it's good. Corn syrup and sugar; Cane etc is natural but VERY BAD for your pets. READ YOUR LABELS!  (Honey and Molasses in small amounts ok)
  4. Avoid toxins-chocolate, grapes, raisins, anti-freeze, onions, avocado, house plants, Rawhide*** , cow hooves & full list of dangers on house hazards and dangerous foods page)
  5. Spay/neuter - Best age to do is between 6 - 9 months. Never do before 6 months (esp w/males). For females important to do before 1st heat for females!
  6. Keep your dog fit – obesity leads to all diseases!
  7. Get checkups yearly- but DO NOT over vaccinate (never YEARLY after age one see our VACCINE INFO) –ask to do a TITER instead! (other than Rabies which may be required by law every 1 or 3 yrs)
  8. Brush your pets teeth** - (see info below) (with pet toothpaste)
  9. Keep pets clear of Airbags in Cars – Secure in back seats USE PET SEAT-BELT HARNESSES
  10. Use stainless steel or clear glass feeding/water bowls-Never plastic or painted baked bowls!
  11. Use spring water/filtered water if possible- always in polluted areas

#Some manufacturers leave out the "menadione" part of the above chemical names in their ingredient lists (e.g. you see only "dimethylprimidinol sulfate" listed instead of "menadione dimethylprimidinol sulfate"), and menadione does not only occur in dry and canned foods, but edible chew toys, supplements and treats as well. Thoroughly research any item with an ingredient list that claims a "source of vitamin K", "source of vitamin K activity" or "vitamin K" in parentheses and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

***Rawhides- buy only made in the USA as others are dusted with arsenic during processing-
Arsenic builds up in the body & is toxic over time causing health problems. Also many pets choke on these items-pieces brake off etc...Cow hooves can chip, splinter and be  deadly.

Better choices are KONG 'DENTAL STICKS'; Deer Antlers and more
(read our treats info). Never let a dog chew ANYTHING unsupervised. SAFE treats? We recommend stuffing and freezing Kong Toys and Kong "GOODIE SHIPS" with fresh meats, organic peanut butter and cheeses. These keep them busier long and are safer and healthier alternatives! For more info read our HAZARDS PAGE.

**new info shows toxins, bacteria enter the body through the gums and contaminate the bloodstream leading to disease.
Some things here may surprise you. Do you know SNOW GLOBES if they break can KILL you pet? They contain not just salt water but ANTI FREEZE. For more click here to visit our HAZARDS page.

Also make a note to read this page of