flea collar linked to almost 1,700 pet deaths. The EPA has issued no warning!

Since Seresto pet collars were introduced, the EPA has received more than 75,000 reports related to the collars, including 907 involving human harm.



This is a tough and tricky one, though there may be some promise in a new natural product that we'll talk about more in a minute. Also we want to stress to please DO NOT let your vet talk you into giving your animal a lyme vaccine. They will do more harm than good in the long run and are very controversial. Read our section on the dangers of vaccines and this info on the danger of the lyme vaccine.

We don't like to see chemicals used in anyway or at any times, however there may be cases when it might be the only effective choice for people living in heavily infested tick areas. In these areas people may have no choice but to use Frontline.  People email asking about the safety of products such as Frontline.

All we can do is point you in the direction. Check out this link on

If at all possible keep your dogs in a tick free area for exercise and play - minimize any kind of tick treatment for when only absolutely necessary.

One interesting product which is totally chemical free that we've heard lots about is called the TIC CLIP. The ONLY NATURAL PET STORE website that sells them offers (on their version) a full refund at anytime if you are not happy with it. So it's worth a try as nothing to lose. The link and reviews on the product are listed here:

One of our caninecare members tried the tic clip with no success. She now uses the PREVENTIC COLLAR and has not found a tick on her dogs since.

We also suggest that you read the below and weight the pros and cons of various choices.

If you are in a one dog household and your dog doesn't interact with other animals you might want to look into the (Virbac) PREVENTIC collar. You might consider using from time to time and not leaving on at all times. The PREVENTIC is a good collar but if a dog is playing with another animal and the other animal puts his mouth on the collar it could make that animal very very sick as it is toxic. That is why we say, use it but then take it off  when not needed. For example, if you are someone who lives in the city during the week but goes to the 'country' on the weekend. You could put the collar on the dog when you arrive that weekend and then 24 hrs after being back home in the city, remove it. I believe you have to leave the collar on for a bit after being exposed to the tick environment incase one is attached. It gives the collar time to kill the ticks. The active ingredient that is used to kill the ticks is something that if absorbed by the body is said to be removed easily by giving activated charcoal. (note - please check with your vet before giving activated charcoal. Dosing is critical as it also can remove some minerals. Note -
DO NOT USE VIRBAC or any other flea and tick med that contains AMITRAZ if you dog is on Prozac (Fluoxetine). Always check for drug interactions if your animal is on any medications. 

Our member who uses this collar gives her dogs activated charcoal once a week and FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH in their meals 3 nights a week to help detox them from any possibly absorbed chemicals. The food grade DE will remove the chemicals in the body that are in this collar but NOT the chemicals that are in Frontline.
Read more on the benefits of FOOD GRADE D.E. here.
This collar is said to be as effective as Frontline. (Update) I have personally started using this collar for weekends on our dogs. I put their regular collar OVER the Preventic collar so if they play they do not have their mouth make contact with each others collars. I put it on the day before l leave for the country and then take off when I get home. My vet (who is not big on using drugs or shots) told me he prefers these collars to frontline.
NOTE on the PREVENTIC COLLAR. Only get the ones from the USA. Some places online sell from Australia. The Australian ones smell like pesticides and are a light orange in color. DO NOT USE THESE. The good collars are white and do not have any odor.

There are some new natural and organic flea and tick collars available. They are worth a try. Research on the web is your best way to find out choices and what might work best. After doing some research we think SERGEANTS - SENTRY NATURAL DEFENSE.  May be the product we've all been waiting for. Two of our members have used it to prevent fleas and have loved it. We don't know yet how well it will work on ticks but again it may be the best choice for natural prevention right now.  I personally don't like it - found it not to work, and it made one of my dogs ill. So you must be careful with everything!

Also keep in mind some animals can have an allergic reaction even to a natural products. However all  in all... we personally feel natural is still always the better choice over chemicals.
We also recommend you stay away from PROMERIS. We've had many sad reports on this product.

Alert!  "Farnam's Bio Spot  Flea and Tick Almost Killed our Dog (click here to read more)." One day while shopping, we came across an over-the-counter product, called Bio Spot Flea and Tick Control (by Farnam Pet Products).  It looked similar to the Frontline product, but it was much cheaper, so we decided to try it.  The Bio Spot seemed to work just as well as Frontline, so we used it again six weeks later.  An hour after applying the Bio Spot, we found Hamish thrashing about on the ground.  His body was completely stiff.  His head was raised in the air, and his jaws were opened wide.  A thick foamy saliva was spewing from his mouth.  Horrified, I tried to determine if something was stuck in his throat.  His windpipe was clear, but he was not breathing.  His eyes began to roll back in his head.  He was dying and we did not know what to do to save him!  We made a desperate call to our veterinarian.  

Alert Zodiac flea control killed 2 cats We have just lost 2 cats because of Zodiac flea drops. They died one after another , 2 healthy pets, we used this Zodiac drops for about 2 moths as instructed on the package. The vet said it went through the skin and damaged the liver.

Alert! Hartz Mountain Company is currently manufacturing and distributing a pet product specifically intended for cats that is highly toxic and dangerous.  Following is a detailed explanation of events that have prompted my recommendation that this product (Hartz Advanced Care Brand Flea and Tick Drops for Cats Weighing Over 10 Lbs.) be recalled immediately, and extensively investigated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)."  learn more

Alert! Advantage and K-9 Advantix Flea products

Here is a testimonial from a distraught cat owner
"Used Advantage on my cat and she's sick"

Mary Ann lost her beloved bearded collie 'Kaimen' as a result of using Advantage Flea Drops "Advantage flea drops were recommended by my veterinarian to control Kaimens flea problems The drops were placed on the back of his head in the nape of the neck After using Advantage for 13 months a growth the size of a golf ball emerged in that very same spot where the Advantage flea drop were placed The growth was made of a grey colored flesh with a putrid odor A purulent putrid liquid oozed out of it Kaimen was taking to the vet, where I learned more about the growth and just how deadly Advantage is to our pets The pesticide that is used in Advantage is called lmidacloprid and should NOT be absorbed through the skin I learned that dogs and rats who were used to test this pesticide developed thyroid cancer and it affected their appetite My dog Kaimen died at the age of two as a result of using Advantage which caused a tumerous cancer to develop in his neck and which metastasized in his brain I sent Bayer, the maker of Advantage, a letter with a return receipt but they never bothered to reply to my letter"

A friend used Advantage on his dog who got sick from it. He stopped using it and the dog recovered.

K-9 Advantix is highly toxic to cats, even if it is on your dog & the cat gets it on itself.

Natural treatment for flea bites, allergies and hotspots: a drugless approach

Shawn Messonnier DVM - "The Allergy Solution for Dogs provides owners with honest and objective information they can use to help plan a holistic treatment approach to dealing with their pets' allergies. Nothing bizarre or strange, simply proven treatments that I have used on thousands of pets in my years in private practice. Each day I help pets with allergies get off of steroids and help them live longer, itch-free lives" 

FRONTLINE Active ingredient is FIPRONIL. From what we can find out - activated charcoal does not absorb and help cleans the body of this chemical. To read more about FIPRONAL and it's dangers read this link:
Hazards for Dogs
Despite fipronil and Frontline's determined safety for animals as a flea preventative, there has been controversy over how safe these products are in long term pet health. According to Whole Dog Journal, a monthly dog care and training publication, the active ingredient found in Frontline is a chemical that has demonstrated potential for nervous system and thyroid toxicity after long term exposure. Even at low dosages, it has been determined that fipronil can potentially cause skin problems, reproductive and hormone issues.

Hazards for Humans Though application instructions provide instructions for people in applying Frontline on their pets, there is still risk and concern in handling Frontline for the owner. Instructions indicate not to allow the solution to come in contact with human skin. In the event that it does, it is advised to wash the hands immediately and avoid touching other parts of the body. Direct, short-term contact with the skin can result in minor irritation. If ingested, Frontline's active ingredient can cause nausea, headaches, stomach pains, sweating and even seizure. While Environmental Protective Agency research is inconclusive on fipronil's cancer causing effects on humans, it is still classified as a possible human carcinogen.
Hazards for Wildlife
According to the Journal of Pesticide Reform, flea prevention medications like Frontline persist on the skin of an animal treated with the solution for as long as 56 days. During that time, the animal will likely have contact with people and its greater environment. As a general pesticide, the active ingredient fipronil is considered toxic to birds, lizards, fish and other animals, even in minute concentrations with research showing clear adverse effects in reproduction. Learn more about safe and effective flea control and prevention 

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