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Toxic treats from Milo's kitchen?

People need to use their DVR and fast forward through commercials as they are full of deceptive info and many do more harm than good. Case in point just to name a few, Purina, Eukanuba, Iams, Chef Michael & Milo's kitchen commercial. All deceptive advertising. These are in no way "posh" or even quality products. They are some of the crappiest quality products on the market. In fact check out this link tying Milo's Kitchen and other chicken jerky treats to dogs illnesses and even deaths:

Do your research before you buy a product. Don't believe everything on the label or in the add. Look at the ingredients - find out where they are SOURCED.

Made in the USA does not mean the product was 'sourced' in the USA. Can be sourced elsewhere and manufactured in the USA. Learn to read between the lines and call companies asking questions! The info is there if you dig deep enough!