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We have not received payment to publicize these products. We heard from many of your and tried them and loved them as well! As did our dogs!

Wholistic Canine Complete  If you like the "MISSING LINK" you'll love this - HUMAN-GRADE & All-ORGANIC The FIRST totally all-in-one complete supplement. Click here to visit their website for more info on the product.

Bell Rock Growers Organic PET GRASS We found this in a local Pet Smart. Our dogs love it.  Great to cut and put in food or give as a treat.  Costs about $2.95 and lives about 3 weeks if you get a nice fresh green one and maintain it. Just clip, keep moist and in the window. It needs sunlight and regular watering. You only want to give a little a day.

KONG Dental Sticks Buster Cube IQ Treat Ball
A group of us tested several items that could keep our dogs 'busy' the winners were these two.
The buster cube and IQ treat ball are the best way to feed your dog kibble - as it forces them to slow down and also makes a game of it. So it's great mental stimulation as well. They come in a 3" and 5"
We also loved the dental Kongs. We found these 100% safe and healthy options compared to rawhides, bully sticks and other long lasting items. They come in 3 sizes and a dental stick for puppies too. Personally speaking my dogs will stay at one of these items for up to 30-45 minutes depending on how well I stuffed them! I keep chunks of fresh cooked meat in my freezer 'hole size' and stuff in both these items. Other things I use to stuff the Dental sticks are freeze dried chicken hearts, pieces of dried lamb lung; dog biscuits  and a favorite of the dogs, ZIWI PEAK air dried dog food. It comes in bags and last for a long time. The little dried meat pieces are perfect to stuff the Dental Stick. Also VERY nutritious as it also contains TRIPE. Speaking of TRIPE you also can cut up dried tripe patties by Dr. Harvey. They love it all. The beauty of these products is the safety, they are dishwasher safe and like the traditional Kongs -the sky is the limit on what you can stuff in them!

DOG GONE PAIN holistic relief. Only known natural supplement that has been 100% effective for all dogs. If your dog has joint pain this is worth checking out. The website is located at
Its even garnered praises from the Whole Dog Journal and other well respected sources. Visit the website for more info.

Naturally shed deer antlers are GREAT for chewing, especially heavy chewing. They are good for long-term chewing because they last a long time. They are considered very safe as they rarely splinter, but like anything - you always have to take precautions. It's important to always supervise your dog when they are chewing on ANYTHING. Always discard antler once your dog is able to fit the whole thing in it's mouth.  They are beneficial as a source of calcium and other nutrients-as well as being a great very long lasting treat. Depending on your dog, they can last for weeks at a time. For the best deal on non-game - non hunted - non anesthetized deer antlers, only wild fresh naturally shed and cut to your custom size contact Kerry  at .

Batzi Belt: An inexpensive way to hook your dogs to your cars back seat seat belt (dogs should never be in the front as they can be crushed by the airbag or thrown). BATZI BELT Works with any 'pet safety' harness (use one that fully covers the chest of the dog- never keep on a neck leash in a car).

Siriusly Herbal Greens We find this to be one of the top supplements to add daily to your dogs diet. In the book the NATURAL VET'S GUIDE TO PREVENTING AND TREATING CANCER in DOGS they recommend including many of these herbs in small amounts daily. These selected greens are blended to create a nutrient-rich alternative to the minced vegetables that are essential to the Natural diet.  These greens are also valuable in upgrading the nutritional value of commercial foods.  This product stores and travels easily, eliminating the need for processing and refrigerating vegetables.  These greens are really useful for those weekends on the road or for the dog partner who works.  Because variety is so important in the diet, each of our herbal products are featured in two formulas.  Alternate between Formula I and II when feeding your dog. Use about one teaspoon per 30 pounds per day. Formula I contains all organic chlorella, nettle leaf, sencha green tea, marshmallow root and rose hips. There are about 140 teaspoons per pound. Formula II contains all organic alfalfa powder, burdock root, bilberries, dandelion leaf and kelp.
Comfort Lift Carrier There are several of these on the market but this one has had the most mentions of all our readers. Said to be the best one they've tried. Available from Drs. Foster & Smith. Pet carrier guarantees aging, arthritic, or recovering dogs additional support New reinforced sides Protect your back from unnecessary strain while assisting your dog Easy to use and clean - simply throw in wash when soiled
A great book to read to keep your pet healthy! NATURAL VET'S GUIDE TO PREVENTING AND TREATING CANCER in DOGS by Shawn Messonier, DVM
PUPPIA HARNESS for Small and Medium size dogs. These are not the best for the car but they are great for walking. They look fabulous and are very comfortable as they are soft, lightweight and breathable. Tons of colors and patterns. Best prices I could find were at FEED JAKE PET MART -

We found this to be the best walking harness of them all! The EASY WALK HARNESS

  • Gently discourages dogs from pulling
  • No coughing, gagging, choking
  • Easy on, easy off
  • Dog can't slip out of it.
For beautiful custom Swarovski Crystal pet tags check out Gwen Carr Artwork - They are the most beautiful tags we've ever seen and she stands behind her work! For more visit: Gwen Carr Artwork Custom Pet Tags.

Wiggle-less vests for Prevention and Back Support for Dogs with Back Problems

PawFlex™ is a disposable non adhesive fur friendly super stretch all in one bandage that maintains a secure comfortable natural fit. PawFlex™ is hands down the quickest and easiest bandage system to use. PawFlex™ literally takes seconds to secure and release, making it the most hassle free bandage system. Changing bandages will never again be a complicated, time consuming and stressful event for you or your pet.

MesoSilver® - Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver - this silver is the best we know of and this brand is so pure it will not turn you grey! Good for your pets and the entire family!

newcollarWe love Classy Collars! These are collars that dogs will not be able to slip out of. They are also custom made and cotton! A portion of the proceeds of our sale go to shelter, rescue, and therapy dogs

De -Skunkin is a great SAFE - NON TOXIC natural product to 'de-skunk' your pet. Even has a money back guarantee. www.BuddyR.Com

Is there a product you love and think we should try? Let us know!