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Welcome to CanineCare

Take charge of your pet's health as leader of the pack!

A website put together by people who lost their pets to cancer.

The info here has been gathered from both vets and other experts to help give your pet a healthier and longer life. It is our hope that by keeping your pets immune system strong - they will never develop cancer or other preventable diseases.

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The Canine Care Community is a legacy, created to make something good come from the loss of our beloved pets.

We always recommend you cross reference on the web all the info you find here. Therefore we welcome suggestions, ideas and comments.

We do ask that you thoroughly read the info provided before you email us with any questions.

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There is an epidemic of dog/pet napping. All over the world. NYC and the surrounding areas are one of the worst for it.

All size dogs are taken for dog fighting bait as well as Class B laboratory testing. In small towns animals taken from cars, their yards, even from dog parks.

Near Hunter College in NYC many pets are stolen from outside shops by students in need of money. They sell the dogs for $10-20 for the above uses.

The upper west side of manhattan has reported record dog theft. Most cases involve animals being tied up outside shop. They can be taken in less than one minute.

Please DO NOT CHANCE IT!


BIRCH SUGAR - is XYLITOL! It's in many things including some ice creams, peanut butters etc.. It will kill your dog!


DO NOT FEED ANY CHICKEN JERKY (including ORGANIC) TO YOUR PETS. "The FDA told Senator Sherrod Brown more than 600 reports of pet illness or death has been reported since November 2011. Not one national retailer has removed the dog treat from store shelves.  Not one jerky treat manufacturer/importer has voluntarily recalled the treats." BRANDS INCLUDE Milo's Kitchen, Waggin Train treats and more.


Stainless steel bowls from Petco - recall - RADIATiON! -
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The materials at this site are intended solely for informational purposes and NOT for the purpose of rendering medical or veterinary advice. Any information obtained from this site must not be used in the treatment of an animal without the express review and adoption of such information in the animal's treatment plan by that animal owner's veterinarian. Canines In Crisis, Inc. assumes no liability or responsibility for any injury or illness that may result from the use of information located at this site. Your access to and use of this website are also subject to all applicable laws and further Terms and Conditions. By accessing and browsing this site, you accept all of without limitation or qualification.

This site is dedicated to Destiny who is the reason this site exists -and to all animals and their owners who have battled cancer.