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Brandon Brooks, DVM  - "Many (if not most) Over The Counter (OTC) or non-prescription  flea control products are very toxic to cats and kittens- especially the ones only approved for use in dogs. Many people mistakenly buy these for their pet (it's not always their fault, the companies that make them want you to buy it, they don't really care about the dangers involved) so it pays to be extra careful when buying flea control products." Brandon Brooks, DVM is the former Staff Veterinarian, AsktheVet News Forum 

According to Dr. Brooks, even though the cat or kitten does not have the OTC flea control product directly applied to it, the cat or kitten may still become ill through indirect exposure if it is applied to a dog in the household, household furnishings, bedding, etc.. Also, many OTC dog flea control products are not only toxic to cats, but dogs as well. 

Feline hyperthyroidism Frequently Asked Questions, Information About Overactive Thyroid Conditions in Cats. Some practitioners use alternative therapies for cats with mild hyperthyroidism. Because of the potential seriousness of hyperthyroidism, it's recommended that you work with a good holistic veterinarian or naturopath who specializes in pets to determine an effective treatment regimen for your cat.