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One of the most prolific cancer killers in dogs can now be routinely screened with a simple blood test (
January 14, 2007 --- Orlando, FL --- CANINE LYMPHOMA, one of the most prolific cancers in the canine population can now be routinely screened with a simple blood serum test. The test, developed by a pioneering British bioscience company, was announced in the UK late last year … and is on show for the first time at the North American Veterinary Conference (NAVC) in Orlando FL (Jan 14-17. Stand 305).
Routine screening and early detection are rapidly becoming watchwords in animal healthcare, and the PetScreen lymphoma screen is the first of its kind to be made commercially available. By looking for a “protein fingerprint” in the serum sample, the PetScreen proteomic screen enables very accurate and sensitive detection of the tumour, but just as importantly, indicates that the dog is free of lymphoma.
The screen, according to PetScreen CEO, Dr Kevin Slater, “… should be regarded as part of an overall wellness program for all breeds, providing owners with peace of mind.”
Ideally a mature pup should be screened from twelve months and then either annually or bi-annually. For high risk breeds and dogs from middle age onwards, bi-annual screening should certainly be considered. Any dog which may have been treated for lymphoma should be tested frequently to monitor for recurrence.
The screen is available across the US and Canada. It is inexpensive, minimally invasive and relies on a small (1ml) blood serum sample which can be taken by any vet and then shipped directly to PetScreen’s laboratories in the UK. The company recently concluded a global logistics partnership with Federal Express, which is simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated. Results are available within two weeks. A fast track service is available if required.
The scientific team, led by Dr Shahid Mian, has uniquely developed advanced biomarker technology for companion animals, specifically canine at the moment, but a feline lymphoma screen is planned for later this year. Additional cancer screens for other major canine tumors will be announced in 2007/2008.
To complement the screening technology, PetScreen has developed a robust treatment optimization program, called DCA (directed chemotherapy assay) which will enable vets to select the most appropriate chemotherapy treatment for each patient. As the treatment is administered, PetScreen recommend that the proteomic serum sample could be used for monitoring the effect of the drug on the tumor (remission monitoring).
All information, including technical data and support is available via the company’s website Screens can be booked online and the process is very easy to use. All patient forms are downloadable. Vet registration recommended.
PetScreen recognize the impact of this devastating disease on dogs, owners and breeders alike. The company was co-founded by business partners who share a passion for dogs. Company Chairman, Professor Graeme Radcliffe, had lost three young dogs to cancer over a 5 year period. His determination to do something about it led to a chance meeting with CEO, Dr Kevin Slater, an entrepreneurial scientist who had worked on human biomarker programs. The meeting led to the partnership which founded PetScreen … and the development of this innovative screening and treatment program.
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